Synsepalum dulcificum
Miracle Fruit
Miracle Fruit

The Legendary Miracle Fruit

Aroidia Research presents the Miracle Fruit here (Synsepalum dulcificum) for your education and enjoyment. We are now growing this plant and will have both seeds and plants available in limited quantities within two months. If you wish to reserve your plant, please email your request to AROIDIAN (at)

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Aroidia Research - The Mission

Aroidia Research is dedicated to the development of new, hardier, and architecturally interesting aroid plant varieties for foliage and landscape use. Our efforts continue to produce hybrid plants that are significant improvements over what is presently available in the marketplace. Additionally, some of the work at Aroidia is oriented towards the discovery of new means and methods for growing difficult aroid plants successfully to full maturity.

All of the work at Aroidia Research is done with an eye towards the preservation of rare genetic material through incorporation into hybrids that are far more likely to survive under the rigors of 21st century conditions. Many of the most desirable aroids are also the most endangered and difficult to grow, so if this germ plasm is to be preserved over the long term, it must, in our opinion, become a part of the genetic makeup of much hardier stock.

Where do the proceeds go?

Our sales at this site are a source of funding for our work at Aroidia Research.

We also distribute surplus aroid plants via mail order sales directly to retail customers.